Can I write 52 short stories?

Ray Bradbury inspired me.  That is to say, Ray Bradbury’s address at The Sixth Annual Writer’s Symposium by the Sea inspired me.

Among the advice offered, Mr. Bradbury suggested that a writer just cannot write one short story per week for one year and discover all of the stories are bad.  I’m putting his words into my own.  But you get the idea, I’m sure.

After watching that address twice I realized that I was feeling something that I’d not felt for many years.  I felt like writing.  It was an exciting feeling, but all at once it was also unsettling.  It made me feel very nervous, because I feared that I might be the one person to prove the theory wrong.

Could I write 52 short stories in one year?  What’s more, would all 52 be terrible?

One year later I had far fewer than 52 finished short stories.  But what I did have was remarkable to me.  Unlike my past attempts at writing short works, this time I had actually finished a few.  And what’s more, I was enjoying writing again.

After my 52 weeks were over I decided to look for web forums dedicated to Ray Bradbury’s 52 week short story writing challenge.  But I didn’t find a single one.  So I decided to create on on Facebook.  That was 2014.  Today the Facebook group is a small one compared with others on the social network.  But despite having only a few hundred among those who have Liked the page I am still impressed with the way Ray Bradbury’s challenge resonates with people.  And I’ve also gotten to meet some interesting fellow writers and read their works.

This blog is intended to be an expansion on the Facebook page, but certainly isn’t intended to replace it.  If you have not checked out the group please visit it.  If you came here from the Facebook page and would like to offer your work for this page, please PM me through the Facebook page.

If you are thinking about writing 52 short stories or are already doing it, then welcome fellow adventurer!  I wish you lots of happiness and fulfillment in your weeks of rushing to meet weekly deadlines!

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