Inspiration never sleeps

One of the most consistent challenges I faced when attempting to produce a short story each week was keeping track of my ideas.  It seemed inevitable that when I sat down to write my mind would suddenly lock up tight.  To get around this problem I began jotting down my ideas as those popped into my mind.  Doing this, in my opinion, can save you from weeks without finished stories, if you can only stick to the practice.

My advice to anyone attempting the 52 week short story challenge is to keep pen and paper, or whatever you prefer for making quick notes, nearby as much as possible each day.  And nighttime is no exception.  If you get an idea in the middle of the night, as inconvenient as it may seem, that idea may prove to be your story for the week, the following week or possibly the last touch on a story you’re already writing.

Story ideas may come in bunches.  Some days you just might hatch ideas of many of the coming weeks.  Never be too quick to assume you’ll recall those ideas later.  If you’re anything like me, someone with a terrible memory, then you will often forget the inspiration as fast as you received it.

And notes do not need to be limited to plot elements or story ideas.  Listening to people talk and jotting down notes or quotations can help greatly when it’s time to write dialogue.  My dialogue has a tendency to fall flat or sound like one person, rather than two.  Finding unique voices for your characters may sometimes be a bit easier if you base those voices on real ones you’ve listened to.

Do you have your own tips for writers attempting the 52 week short story challenge?  If you do then please consider contributing to this page.  For information please comment below with your questions or visit the Facebook page and send a private message to me.

One thought on “Inspiration never sleeps

  1. Keeping notepads & pens nearby is a must for the 52 week challenge. You never know when an idea might happen upon you. Just because you’ve written one story in that week, it doesn’t mean you can’t track ideas for a future week.


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