Turn, Turn, Turn

My name is Lee Sheppard. I am a writer, teacher and father. I’ve been at the-story-a-week/52-story-challenge since last May. While related to Bradbury’s challenge, my project is a slightly modified version. If you are interested in the whole story of why I got started, or at least a longer version of it, you can read about it on my blog, notknownotice.blogspot.ca. For our purposes here, you just need to know that I ask people to submit a sequence of emoji to me and I interpret these emoji to create a story. “Turn, Turn, Turn” was inspired by a sequence provided by my friend and fellow writer, Frances Luongo, whom I met through brokenpencil.com’s “Indie Writers’ Deathmatch.”

I hope you like “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

—Lee Sheppard 
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